Dapper fashion Tips for everyone

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Are you one of those people who always complain that they have nothing to wear? Well your woes have come to an end thanks to the dapper trend. This is the most flexible trend since it goes well with all genders.

Sure, every man needs a dark suit for those special occasions. But your constant companion, your conversation starter, your go-to style piece — that’s the blazer. The gray, charcoal, or blue blazer is perfect for desk work, but put some plaid under it and you’re equally ready to chop down a tree. Pick a tweed number for the coolest-English-professor-on-campus look.

Pick Your Power Tie

Once upon a time, the tie symbolized corporate conformity, as synonymous with office life as the typewriter and the timecard. Now, the tie can be anything you want — even, dare we say it, a little rebellious.

You have a lot of choices out there, so we’ll go ahead and say, “treat yo’ self.” Buy a bunch. But if you’re looking for the one tie to rule them all, go with something dark and solid, or with a very subtle pattern. It’ll look respectable with anything you match with it, even brighter, busier patterns like a gingham or plaid. Plus, if you dress it down — by throwing a leather or jean jacket over your dress shirt, for instance — your dark tie will look punk.

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Ladies are not left out. We also have some dapper sisters. They put on well pressed shirts, adorn colored blazers and some nice khaki trousers.

“This may be a controversial statement, but I can’t wait for it to get cold! I love fall weather, it is my favorite season, especially because I get to layer my button-down shirts, sweaters, and blazers. I love bringing together a mix of colors and textures through layered pieces and accessories.”

“People should absolutely experiment with dapper style this fall because there are so many options to look and feel awesome. Fall is the best time for layering since the weather can be kind of unpredictable. I like to wear khaki pants, a short sleeve button down, a light sweater, and a blazer. Being dapper in the fall is pretty much the best time to do it since summer can be kind of TOO hot for bow ties and blazers.”

Sourced from: https://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/so-dapper-it-hurts?utm_term=.cvnVx2ABD#.rg9oBmY2j

Now when it comes to dapper fashion there are a few tips we can learn from the kids. Dapper fashion has nothing to do with sexuality. It is also possible to dress casual and still be stylish.

  1. There is NO “right” way to be masculine, androgynous, tomboy, etc.

When we shared this amazing image of three tomboy flower girls, the post went viral. But, not all of the responses were positive. One commenter noted, “… no self-respecting tomboy would wear their hair like these girls. Where are the little girls with crew-cuts?” As we fight to expand our definition of gender beyond the binary, it is important to recognize that there is no one way – no “right” way – to be masculine, androgynous, tomboy, stud, AG, boi, etc. Long hair does not belong to feminine presenting people only. Neither do florals, the color pink, makeup, or glitter. Nothing is off limits. In fact, some of the most fashionable masculine folks we know look down right dapper wearing pink flowers, like Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks. And, let’s not forget our “long hair, don’t care” dapperQs who wrote to us seeking inspiration for masculine long hair styles, like the ones rocked by Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

  1. There exists a middle ground between formal attire and sweatpants!

You can be casual AND stylish; The two need not be mutually exclusive, as Moziah Bridges, the 11-year-old fashion entrepreneur behind Mo’s Bows, demonstrates above. It may take a bit more thought and creativity then, let’s say, throwing on a black suit or your favorite hoodie. For example, some seersucker shorts, a madras bow-tie, and a plain ole’ white button-down shirt may seem simple enough. But, many of us are stuck on solids.

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